[PD] flext linking

martin pi pi at attacksyour.net
Mon Jul 22 17:56:03 CEST 2002

hi -

i am just trying to build my first flext-based
external. it compiles well and it links without
any problem, yet:

when i start pd, it reports:

load_object: Symbol "transverb_tilde_setup" not

yet i do find a Transverb_tilde_setup in the files
after preprocessing.

how is the case shifted by preprocessors in c++?

usually it should work, as far as i can read out
of other externals based on flext.

i do init it with:

FLEXT_NEW_TILDE_G("transverb~", transverb)

(and transverb is the class and the file and
everything that should (not) matter).

thanks in advance

martin pi

johann strauss gasse 32 | 7
1040 vienna
++43 699 10 44 37 42


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