[PD] avarage frequency

Andre Schmidt andre at vju.info
Thu Jul 25 19:26:04 CEST 2002


i'm still working (now and then) on my random-drummer and i'm getting along quite well. the base idea works awesome with xgroove~ and i can even load samples with different bpm and they will be "speeded" to the main tempo (took a while before i noticed that i loaded not only 44100hz samples :)

but my new feature is a little tricky (atleast for me)...
i wan't to analyze all the (16) slices that i've set in the audio sample to get the avarage frequency for all the slices...
that way i could set in the sequencer for every step an individial frequency range that is allowed to play on that step...

i tried to analyze with [dfreq~]-[snapshot~]-[avarage] but depending on the update frequency (for++) i get different results...
but i'm pretty sure that this is NOT the way doing this, so any help would be appriciated !!!

ps. sorry, i newer learned fft :(
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