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This message stems from auvi (A group that has developed a series of MAX 
objects based on NATO) about how the delt with a particular licencing 

sorry Miller, I could not resist:

Hope it might be worth the laugh.

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you are still max dependent. is it not nice that they 
are just letting you use there software without 
even issuung those idoitic question you have posed
since your little objects have been put up?

you are not on the top of the food chain 
you just a couple of worms in the miller pucketts intestines


"auv-i.de" wrote:
> John DeKron: this should have been private,
> but unfortunetly, _you chose to make it a public issue.
> > So why does auvi then put it like this:
> >
> > "I have looked at your standalone + thought about what kind of arrangement
> > we could make. Unfortunetly, I do not think it is possible to give you
> > permission to use the Auvi objects in a commercial product.
> >
> > Auvi will be releasing a product that would be aiming for a similar market
> > (it is not something Max-based). So it does not make sense for Auvi to
> > promote a product like your standalone at this time."
> This means: DeKron indicated he wishes to sell Auvi-ness to production
> houses, which does not fit with some of Auvi's future plans.
> If Auvi ever intended to release a VJ app, it would have happened long ago.
> > After some days where you had put it like this:
> >
> > "We will need to work out an arrangement for a commercial license,
> > before you are permitted to release a commercial Auvi standalone.
> >
> > If we are able to do this - Auvi would be happy to support/encourage/promote
> > your application to insure its massive success."
> That was written before Auvi saw your standalone.
> > You are well aware that you do not touch the point of my posting and you are
> > well aware why.
> John DeKron: I am sorry, but the truth is:
> Your application is not much more than 10 Auvi help files cut-n-pasted
> together.
> You even left the help file text for 242.sympathy in your interface.
> You are flattering yourself if you think anything in your application is
> even the least bit useful or interesting to Auvi.
> What is the problem? Auvi simply didn't like your application.
> Why not just move on?
> It's unfortunate that some people feel the best way to deal with rejection
> is by kicking and screaming and throwing things.
> http://auv-i.de

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>>  > memories
>a lot of text for a short time

world will allways welcome lovers

>maybe nn is feeling 'old pain'
>but joshua isn't
>but maybe nn is acting to feel old pain

world will allways welcome lovers

>or nn is doing it the Eckhart Tolle's way
>and joshua is doing the Arthur Janov's way

world will allways welcome lovers

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