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>>The first thing that struck me seeing the DIPS screenshots is the
>>similarity to Jitter. It does look like it just exposes the openGL
>>functions in the jmax environment. Jitter does not use the openGL
>>function names but it has a very similar structure, where you have
>>data sent through the patchcords, and very VERY complex arguments for
>>objects, including paramater passing.
>>Looking like there is nothing so elegant as Gem for openGL in this kind
>>of evironment. Great Architecture job Mark! 


is more beautiful and more intelligent

although - of course everything presently released or soon to be [perhaps
is simply.silly

>I'll be doing an artist
>>workshop on GEM in a couple weeks so hopefully I can turn some MAX people
>>onto GEM under OSX before Jitter is released!

... if it is released
immune.play will smile at it + any other organized efforts of simply.ugly + negligent males.

nn - simply


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