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Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Sun Aug 4 09:52:02 CEST 2002

JaReK hat gesagt: // JaReK wrote:

> After setting array size to 100 and the graph X bound from 0 - 99 and Y
> bound from 0 to 127, I drew using mouse a distribution of numbers inside
> the table.
> OK ... first of all, what's the difference betw. size of graph and size of
> an array?

The array size is the number of values hold in the array, the graph
size is the size of the graphic, that you see, in pixels.

> Now a little problem. After saving the patch, shutting down PD and then
> opening the patch again, the graph Y bounds were reset  (-1 to 1) although
> I did change them as mentioned above. Are the bounds of graph saved or do
> we have to reinitialize table on each time we open the patch?

Yes, you have to reinitialize all this, for example with a loadbang
and an appropriate message as described in

The only thing that's supposed to be saved is the table's content,
if you switched on "save contents" in the table's properties. 

> Next thing, suppose I create an array by selecting a drop down menu, then
> I configure graph bounds from let's say X is from 0-10 and Y is 0 to 20.
> When I use mouse to draw the number distribution, why does it allow me to
> draw numbers way above distribution I did set? I'm wondering if that's
> exceeding the actual size of a table I created.

If you paint or otherwise fill your table with values outside the
bounds, they will indeed show up, if you read out the array/table. If
it wasn't so, at least I would have to change a lot of my patches, as
I'm regularily using hidden tables with values greater than 1 and I
don't bother changing the default bounds, because I never have to look
inside those tables.

But it's not possible to set values or paint outside the horizontal
size of an array (the y-axis).

> Finally, one thing would help fixing is setting up tab key such that when
> we deal with dialog boxes (used in defining arrays, graphs (tables)
> and press tab, the cursor moves from
> one input dialog to another.

Yes, that would be cool. 

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