[PD] gem packaging bugs (more)

Artem Baguinski artm at nerve.v2.nl
Mon Aug 12 04:13:57 CEST 2002

Artem Baguinski(artm at nerve.v2.nl)@2002.08.12 03:24:53 +0000:
> 1. there is config.cache in the package, with old paths inside,
> configure buys it and make complains later
> 2. there are non-critical typos in configure.in, like the first line
> after comments, what does it do there, and it is unfinished (no backtick
> in the end). and also couple of times AC_ARG_WITH with second parameter
> "   ", results in weird strings in the beginning of configure, bash
> complains, but it doesnt do any harm.
> 3. in Makefile.in (i had to do autoconf myself to restore libmpeg3
> detection) PREFIX is hard coded, should be PREFIX=@prefix@
4. another one: Gem obejcts documentation should go into
/doc/5.reference/Gem because objects try to search it there.
patch will be:

diff -ur gem-0.87.orig/src/Gnu/Makefile.in gem-0.87/src/Gnu/Makefile.in
--- gem-0.87.orig/src/Gnu/Makefile.in   Wed Apr 17 16:21:58 2002
+++ gem-0.87/src/Gnu/Makefile.in        Mon Aug 12 03:16:36 2002
@@ -65,8 +65,8 @@
install -d $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/$(DOCBASE)/gem
install -m644 ../../doc/* $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/$(DOCBASE)/gem

-       install -d $(DESTDIR)/$(PDLIBDIR)/doc/5.reference
-       install -m644 ../../help/* $(DESTDIR)/$(PDLIBDIR)/doc/5.reference
+       install -d $(DESTDIR)/$(PDLIBDIR)/doc/5.reference/Gem
+       install -m644 ../../help/* $(DESTDIR)/$(PDLIBDIR)/doc/5.reference/Gem

cp -r ../../examples $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/$(DOCBASE)/gem
cp -r ../../manual $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/$(DOCBASE)/gem

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