[PD] I need a beat extraction tool...

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Tue Aug 13 17:55:21 CEST 2002

[Frank Barknecht]->[Re: [PD] I need a beat extraction tool...]->[02-08-13 17:27]

 |Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen hat gesagt: // Kjetil Falkenberg Hansen wrote:
 |> Has anyone made a beat extraction thingy that does wavefiles? I've looked
 |> around, but didn't find any.
 |> If not, can bonk work as beat extractor?
 |I somehow did this with bonk~ in "pecycle", available on footils.org.
 |It's a very messy patch, but I did explain the inner workings in a
 |long mail to pd-list once. Check the archives.

also, there's rythm_estimator somewhere?

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