[PD] pd namespaces

J. Scott Hildebrand jshildebrand at ucdavis.edu
Tue Aug 13 20:26:13 CEST 2002

       i'm not sure i understand. are you talking about building an object
that loads libraries? in my experience, once you have a patch saved with
those libraries loaded, you're all done. all you need to do is load that
patch. maybe i misunderstand your question.


On 13 Aug 2002, jfm3 wrote:

> I believe the best solution would go something like this:
> o) Implement a 'lib' object that does what -lib does on the command line
> when banged.
> o) Add the feature to the lib object that when it is given pairs of
> names it maps one name to another. So you could write something like:
> [loadbang]
> |
> [lib maxlib gauss maxlibgauss]
> |
> [lib footils gauss gauss]
> I'm not sure to what extent we could change things on the fly, since I'm
> not sure of how names are looked up internally, but it could be that
> subsequently sending [coll maxcoll( to the [lib maxlib] object would
> change the binding dynamically.
> We don't really need namespaces, just a way to disambiguate names at
> load time.
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