[PD] Does someone have a working program to communicate with Pd over UDP?

Søren Bovbjerg bovbjerg at musik.auc.dk
Fri Aug 16 21:38:33 CEST 2002

> Apparently there's no"pdsend" in teh windows version.  My windows machine
> is on the road at the moment so I can't look into it right now.  But
> the source code (u_pdsend.c) ought to be there, and to compile to a
> standalone "command prompt" program...

I alsoneed this program so I tried to compile it tonight in MSVC 6 (it needs
to be linked to wsock32.lib, I assume). Compiling was not without a fight.
It breaks at:

void closesocket(int fd);
error C2373: 'closesocket' : redefinition; different type modifiers

Changing the name 'closesocket'solves the problem (erm.. is it the right
solution?) but when I try to send to PD netreceive patch (the one in the
reference folder) with
pdsend 3000 tcp "foo;" I get Socket(): Unknown error 10093

According to www.sockets.com this may mean that "the network subsystem is
misconfigured or inactive" - which it isn't (AFAIK). Can it be a Windows XP

I am still quite a novice in this programming/compiling field - so be gentle
if I am missing the obvious.

Take care


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