[PD] newbie question: te_xpix/te_ypix

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Sun Aug 18 20:01:38 CEST 2002


te_xpix/te_ypix have been defined for version of PD > 0.35 test 17,
i'm not too sure of the test number but around this one.

before that, they were called te_xpos/te_ypos,
so, you've got two options :

a/ change te_xpix/te_ypix to te_xpos/te_ypos
in the externals code.

b/ upgrade PD, let's say to the official 0.35.



Peter Elsdon wrote:

>Sorry if this is OT or a little basic, but I'm trying to compile PD externals, and running into the same problem with quite a number of them - something along the lines of:
>structure has no member named 'te_xpix' [or te_ypix}
>I'm running SuSE7.2 and can't figure out what's missing - most of the externals are fine, and PD compiles ok.  Any suggestions?
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