[PD] Does someone have a working program to communicate with Pd over UDP?

Winfried Ritsch ritsch at iem.at
Mon Aug 19 09:15:53 CEST 2002

Maybe someone needs,

a primitive python function in a script to send messeages to pd, its
done for the Zope server as External method, so you can control pd
over Zope or use it in an main function.

-------- cut ---------------------
## Script (Python) 
## parameters = REQUEST, pdhost, pdport, pdmessage

"""Import socket library, create a socket connection in TCP and send data to pd
   which should have a netreceive to get the message """
import socket

def sendpd(pdhost='seneca.iemnet',pdport=4000,pdmessage='nothing special;'):

	s = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
	s.connect((pdhost, pdport))

	return pdmessage
-------- cut ----------------------

mfg winfried ritsch

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