[PD] using rme multiface under pd

David Sabine dave at davesabine.com
Mon Aug 19 12:11:24 CEST 2002


I've been using -asio with Mark of the Unicorn's 2408mkII for approximately
5 weeks now with Win XP and it's working great!

It's a Firewire device and latency is unnoticable (which is to say that it's
less than 20 ms but likely more than 5 ms. - I haven't run any serious tests
on this however).

The -asio support in PD works very well for me with this device.  I can use
2,4,6, or 8 channels of i/o simoultaneously.  I haven't attempted to link a
second MOTU interface yet, but theoretically I can use 3 devices
simoultaneously for a total of 24 channels input and output.

The only problem that I've had so far is (not related to PD) that the
device's 'firewire' drivers seem to be picky about which applications can
access the device at any given time.  For example, PD and the windows media
player can use the device at the same time.  Cool Edit Pro and the windows
media player can use the device at the same time.  But Cool Edit Pro and PD
cannot!  If Cool Edit Pro is opened on my computer, I have to restart the
computer before I can use PD again -- this is annoying, but I'm not sure
exactly where the problem lies, and so far I have always been able to work
around the issue.

Dave Sabine

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i finally got myself a laptop and now for making some noise with it I was
think about buying a RME hammerfall dsp multiface with a cardbus interface
(pcmcia slot connection - OS WinXP) - infos:
it seems like a good choice to me but does anyone have experience with using
such a soundcard under pd ?!

infos and suggestions appreciated

//-- Toby --//

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