dollar signs and subpatches (was Re: [PD] Local "variable" names question + messages)

Frank Barknecht barknech at
Tue Aug 20 08:30:17 CEST 2002

David N G McCallum hat gesagt: // David N G McCallum wrote:

>  While we're on the topic of the semantics and uses of dollar
>  signs in Pd...
>  I'm always surprised whenever I try to create a subpatch
>  (not abstraction) with dollar-signs and arguments and it
>  doesn't work. Is there a reason that dollar-sign creation
>  variables don't work with subpatches?

As I see it, subpatches are an almost full blown part of the
surrounding patch. A subpatch is like a curtain that hides part of a
room, but someone standing on the other side of the curtain still is
in the same room as you and the two can talk.

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