[PD] drum pattern sequencing

mark mark at junklight.com
Tue Aug 20 09:32:30 CEST 2002

I tend to use slightly more experimental approaches -

one is using textfiles and my own monorhythm object (which
divides a given time period into a choosen pattern and by using
more than one allows polyrhytms to be built up - hence the name).
I will publish this patch at some point

The second more interesting approach I have been playing with
of late is using my metroplus (which allows different clock ticks -
so for example "metroplus 200 300" gives a 200ms tick followed
by a 300ms one etc.) driving a markov chain (there is a simple
example in the doc directory I think - I will be releasing my new
external at some point in the future though - still needs a lot of
work). I am finding that this can give a very human feel to a
a rhythm - allowing different drum sounds to be used on the
same beat so no two bars sound quite the same but the essential
pattern is there.

The two objects of mine can be found at http://www.junklight.com/pd
there are also two tracks :-
Dataflow: http://www.junklight.com/july02/dataflow.mp3 (Markov Chain)
Takionaut: http://www.junklight.com/april02/taikonaut.mp3 (Monorhythm)
made primarily  using these tools.  sorry if this seems like self
promotion - its not intended to be  - dissatisfaction with available
 drum sequencing tools is the reason I wrote these tools.

Oh and bear in mind too that I have quite an experimental approach to music
and my tastes vere well away from neatly millisecond accurate sequences.



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I'm just wondering what techniques other people use to sequence drums in Pd?
So far i've been using a seperate
software sequencer to track my drum patterns in, which sends midi signals to
Pd. I've been increasingly moving
everything into Pd because of it's flexibility and power and i'd like to
continue this trend. Any suggestions welcome.

Thanks for your help.


chris at mccormick.cx

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