[PD] convolution code error

J. Scott Hildebrand jshildebrand at ucdavis.edu
Wed Aug 21 23:52:16 CEST 2002

       here's a pd concept i do no understand: first take a look at this
code >>>

	t_float lsum = 0.0;
	t_float rsum = 0.0;

	   lsum = *in1++;
           rsum = *in2++;
	   *out1++ = lsum;
	   *out2++ = rsum;

   if i have this in my while(n--) loop inside the perform function, then
it takes input audio and just sends it back out. it works. i don't
understand how the input and output arrays work though. i thought that in
and out were actually arrays with 64 samples in each. right here what i'm
doing is taking one sample with lsum and rsum, and then i'm spitting the
output out, and then doing the while loop again. right? what exactly is
happening? and then what do i need to do to collect 256 samples into an
array and then use that in my convolution scheme? thanks!



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