[PD] FIR filter design

João M Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Sat Aug 24 02:04:00 CEST 2002

Dear list,

I am writing a patch for FIR filter design in the old way, by realizing the
formula y(n)=a(n)+b(n-1)+c(n-2)+...+?(n-??) with z~. All the work is ready,
but I am just missing the designs. I wanted to make also some presets and
the ability to design the filter from normal parameters (type, cutoff freq,
etc). Does anybody knows how to make the calculus for FIR filters, to know
the equation?

By the way, there is a bug in the dynamic instructions: when the instruction
"vis 0" is given to a already closed subpatch, the program crashes.

Thanks as usual,

João Miguel Pais

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