[PD] Fw: dynamic patch

lsw leonard at swiezinski.de
Sat Aug 24 14:18:55 CEST 2002

hi João,

http://dh7.free.fr/pd-msg/pd-msg_05.tar.gz is a very helpfull resource by
Damien Henry.
The iemGui helpfiles are also very usefull.
In console is a subpatch called 'pd make_console', thats where it happens.
's pd-console' and 's pd-busX' are sendind the messages to the specific
You'll find the messages in the 'pd build_***' - subpatches.

happy patching
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> Dear list,
> I was trying to start to write a dynamic patch, or a patch which would
> contain the commands to create, change, delete, etc., objects (a good
> is the console patch made by Leonard Swiezinski). I looked for the command
> list in the documentation, but couldn't find any. Is there a place with
> informations about the commands available?
> João Miguel Pais
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