[PD] RE: all notes off / PANIC-button (lsw)

Norbert Math n at alien.mur.at
Sun Aug 25 14:37:32 CEST 2002


according to the MIDI spec, if you send a value of 0 to 
controller 123 it is (should be?) interpreded as an "All Notes Off"
command. send this to all MIDI channels.

but in the real world, you might need a more expensive patch.
the only way to safley turn off all hanging notes is to
subsequently send a "Note Off" (or "Note On" with Velocity 0)  
to all MIDI notes through all channels. 

(creating an external which makes use of the "running status"
compression protocol would decrease the amount of data)


> Dear list,
> i wonder how to send a all-notes-off-message to a midi object like =
> noteout or vst~.
> I've got those "standing tones" from time to time, and i like to patch a =
> panic-button,
> to stop all currently playing notes.
> Is there any way???
> keep on
> leo

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