[PD] FIR filter design

João M Pais jmmmpl at netcabo.pt
Mon Aug 26 00:29:49 CEST 2002

I am using .35 t26 on xp. In my patch I create a window with the objects,
and I can also kill it, with the message "editmode1, selectall, cut,
editmode 0, vis 0". But if this message is banged when the window is already
closed, the program crashes.

Regarding the "find last error" bug, I tried it and if there wasn't any
error before, it runs fine (says that there was no error before). But when
there are some mistakes (I tried connecting the output from an osc~ to a
slider), the program still crashes.

João Miguel Pais

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hi João,

there used to be a crash-case of sending a 'find' message to
a closed window, corrected in one of .35 test versions.  Not sure
if the fix has been equally enough for linux and msw.

Just sending the 'vis 0' (without the following 'find', 'cut',
etc.) is not known to produce crashes, at least it is not
reproducible here.

Could you please describe your case better, like including info
about an os, pd version, and, possibly, a context?


btw, the `normal' way of applying a fir filter would be to read ir
from an array by a specialized object like buffir~ of msp (not yet
in sickle, sorry:).  But, anyway, for modeling the `normal' filter
parameters, I would suggest designing iir filters with biquad~.

João M Pais wrote:
 > I am writing a patch for FIR filter design in the old way, by realizing
 > formula y(n)=a(n)+b(n-1)+c(n-2)+...+?(n-??) with z~. All the work is
 > but I am just missing the designs. I wanted to make also some presets and
 > the ability to design the filter from normal parameters (type, cutoff
 > etc). Does anybody knows how to make the calculus for FIR filters, to
 > the equation?
 > By the way, there is a bug in the dynamic instructions: when the
 > "vis 0" is given to a already closed subpatch, the program crashes.

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