[PD] Getting a signal's slope

j_jl jdl at xdv.org
Tue Aug 27 12:02:21 CEST 2002

[Frank Barknecht]->[[PD] Getting a signal's slope]->[02-08-27 11:54]

 |does anyone know, how I could derive the slope of a signal? For
 |example, if I have an osc~ and I want to delay the rising portion
 |depending on the current slope of the signal, how to do this. Or more
 |general, is there a way to get the derivative of a signal?
 |I tried something like "fexpr~ $x1[2]-$x1[1]" but that gave me only a
 |stream of "0"s when printed out with print~, even if I feed it a
 |phasor~, which never has two values the same in its signal vector, so
 |the fexpr~ expression should never be zero.
 |Being a bit at loss,

check out delta from maxlib or from cxc ..

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