[PD] name collisions, namespaces ..

Juha Vehviläinen jusu at acoustics.hut.fi
Wed Aug 28 11:11:13 CEST 2002

Yes, you would need to make a gemabs~ abstraction as well to use that 
version. With a lot of name collisions this wouldn't be too good, but
that doesn't seem to be the case.. yet..

>> If a patch uses gem and zexy, which both have abs~, and I'd wish
>> to use abs~ from zexy, I would make an abstraction with [zexy]
>> and [abs~] in it, and name it zexyabs~ or whatever.
> Hi Juha,
> have you tried this? - My experience - at least on win - is, that once
> you loaded an external into Pd it is available to any patch you open
> (even ofter closing the patch you originally used it in)! This would
> mean that after having loaded a zexy* abstraction all other abstractions
> would know about the zexy objects as well. One needs to restart Pd to
> get rid of it....

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