[PD] New Tcl/Tk release for MacOSX?

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Aug 28 19:48:06 CEST 2002


it seems to be a very good track
that fixes a lot of issues for graphical objects.

first tests are really promising...

would you recommend this one, miller ?



Adam T. Lindsay wrote:

>Hi all,
>While trawling through the web today, I noticed that the MacOSX branch of
>Tcl/Tk development has been merged with the main trunk. Although there
>aren't any new binaries available for download at SourceForge, I noticed
>that the AlphaTK distro has *just* posted a new version, which includes
>what appears to be a new Tcl.framework, Tk.framework, and Wish.app. They
>seem to work fine on my machine so far...
>As a side issue, has anyone else been tracking Tcl/Tk development on
>MacOSX? I also tried updating my CVS snapshot, but couldn't get the
>revised .pbproj files to open. I suspect it could be due to a dependence
>on new DevTools, but can't say for sure. If anyone knows any more, I'd
>appreciate some pointers.

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