[PD] Access grid

Juha Vehviläinen jusu at acoustics.hut.fi
Fri Aug 30 11:07:27 CEST 2002

Sure! Will you / they sponsor the equipment? :-)


> Hi we have this wonderful tool at http://www.digitalworlds.ufl.edu
> called the access grid.
> It has been used for some very neat things and i noticed when it was up an
> communicating
> to other nodes on the planet that it uses tcl/tk for its video display.
> Surely we can create an external for this in pd right?
> something along the lines of shoutcast maybe?
> maybe some framestein and GEM for "effecting" the grid displays?
> Pat Pagano, Director
> South East Just Intonation Society
> http://www.screwmusicforever.com/SHREESWIFT/

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