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Ben Bogart - FMPM/F1999 bbogart at ryerson.ca
Fri Aug 30 15:31:02 CEST 2002

Hello there,

Well as it happens my fulltime job is R&D dealing with the AccessGrid 
system. I experienced with tcl/tk, but just a bigginer with C. Anyhow 
I've looked into VIC (the video tool accessgrid uses) which is a quite 
eclectic mix of many languages. Including, tcl/tk, otcl, tclcl and C++ 
(In the case of AG proper they also threw in Java) all these interfaces 
talk to one and other to actually do anything, The real code is C++ for 
the video. I've not figured out how the video is embeded into the 
tcl/tk interface (perhaps somewhere between otcl and tclcl) I do use 
gem over AG often though, by sending the X11 display over accessgrid as 
illustrated in the following images. The large video pane on the right 
is the compressed accessgrid version of the gem render.


My research lab is on AG 24-7 you can see us at "Ryerson University" 
usually sitting in the "test room" Occationally I can be seen as "B. 


On Thu, 29 Aug 2002, shreeswifty wrote:

> Hi we have this wonderful tool at http://www.digitalworlds.ufl.edu
> called the access grid.
> It has been used for some very neat things and i noticed when it was up an
> communicating
> to other nodes on the planet that it uses tcl/tk for its video display.
> Surely we can create an external for this in pd right?
> something along the lines of shoutcast maybe?
> maybe some framestein and GEM for "effecting" the grid displays?
> Pat Pagano, Director
> South East Just Intonation Society
> http://www.screwmusicforever.com/SHREESWIFT/
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B. Bogart

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