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Ah - found your question. 

First and foremost I am not sure computer generated music is the way to 
go - it would be far easier to get a musician to record some MIDI files 
for you and then you can play them back in different ways - presumably 
there are plenty of musicians in a university...

failing that I would expect you will have to make different models for 
the different types of music. The Markov Chain approach will work 
for some of them but it misses out huge chunks of what different music 
types are about - for example punk is musically very simple but what 
stops if being dull as dishwater is the anger and energy put into it 
by the performers - computer generated punk is probably a lot harder 
than generating something like Bach or Phillip Glass style music which
more about the structure and composition. Like wise the blues is very 
simple musically but is about the experience of the musician - I would
that computer generated blues would be very close in experience to 
"Richard Clayderman plays..." (elevator music of the lowest kind)



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Hello, people.

Sorry if I'm off-topic, but I think maybe I could reach people here who
would be interested on this.

I'm beginning a research at my university, and I'm looking for comments
and suggestions from other people.

The research goal is to catalog correlations between kinds of music
(that is, musics with similar structures) and the timbre of instruments
that are selected by people to play them. Basically, we are going to
play computer generated music to listeners, and ask them if the
instrument used is adequate to the music. We expect to find, for
example, that surf music is better with a lot of reverberation, punk
rock is better with a lot of overdrive,  blues is better with just a bit
of overdrive, and so on...

The project will be developed in two parts: first we will measure the
sensitivity that people have to variations on the parameters of the
models of the effects. Then we will play the musics, and find the

It looks like the worst problem we will find is on the composition of
the musics. I'm thinking about finding stochastic models to various
styles of music, and than program a music generator. Does anybody here
have any experience on generating random music in PD?  What would be the
best approach? Making an external program that export the song in MIDI,
and bring it to PD?

...Thank you, bye!!

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