[PD] Re: fontz for pd

Andre Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Tue Sep 3 18:22:12 CEST 2002

hi marius, hi all,

due my reallife taking all my time i only got time to read my e-mails with
my computer @ the moment, so that pd-font has to wait... and there are still
some big questions if i even realize it (or how we realize it).

1. because pd(tcl/tk) uses fonts installed on system, the font has to be
installed IN system; so this would be against millers PD policy !? (and i
heard installing fonts on linux is a pain in the a..) [but on win32 its only
1 copy-action]

2. i dont 100% know what is the multiple-bitamapFont format that linux uses
(win32 uses .FON)

but besides all questions i see only 2 ways how we do this:

1. the font has to be installed in system and pd usage stays the same
2. some1 codes a "fontDisplaying-unit" for/in PD so it would load the font
from pd-dir...
(or is there a way to use fonts with tcl/tk that are NOT installed in

but i remember miller saying that he would want pd to have its own font
someday, so i wouldnt want to drop this project rightaway. i just want to
know HOW we do it before i start (again)

to marius question:
copy the font (******.FON) to "/windows/fonts"
rename ALL "courier" in pd.tk with the font-name (not the filename!) but
with the fonts internal name. you should see it when you go with explorer to
"/windows/font" i think my fonts name was "test57" or "piidii"... thats it !
oh, and delete ALL "bold" from pd.tk too...
and i think my font was only for size 8...

ps. marius, if you need more help. dont hesitate to ask!

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> hi,
> what exactly happened to your pd-font? as far as i remember, it looked
> good and i would like to use it, but don't know how to change the tk-file
> get it  to run.
> sme.

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