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On Tue, Sep 03, 2002 at 03:44:01PM +0100, mark wrote:
Hello. Thank you all for answering! 

> First and foremost I am not sure computer generated music is the way to 
> go - it would be far easier to get a musician to record some MIDI files 
> for you and then you can play them back in different ways - presumably 
> there are plenty of musicians in a university...
Sure!... Playing "real" musics would be probably easier to implement. But
since I want to play different musics that share some structural
characteristics, we would have the problem of analysing the musics and putting
them together.  Generatting the musics I'll be *shure* that they have the
same structural qualities, because they were made this way! So we change
the natural and difficult-to-analyse musics by unnatural musics that
certainly have the same characteristics. This way we avoid the problem of
having to define musical styles, and jump right to the analytical domain...

> The Markov Chain approach will work 
> for some of them but it misses out huge chunks of what different music 
> types are about - for example punk is musically very simple but what 
Oh, I love Markov chains... In fact, I started this work because I saw they
would show up some time :D

I agree with you that punk and blues will sound awful... A good part of
blues compositions can be fitted under 3 or 4 basic structures, and playing
around with them won't sound nice. But that doesn mean that I'm not curious
to try it it and find it actually bad :) .

This problem suggests that implementations for this kind of music would
require an dictionary approach, while Bach would be more algorythmic...

I've seen jazz improvisation softwares also, and it looks like they just
pick notes at random inside scales related to pre-programmed chord
progressions... I don't know if it sound good :/

I'll make some experiments by next month, and I can post the results here!


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