[PD] installing PD

marius schebella marius.schebella at chello.at
Tue Sep 3 20:39:15 CEST 2002

which soundcard are you using? you could have a list of them by typing
"pd -listdev". maybe then try to select a certain soundcard with
"-soundindev 1 -soundoutdev 1". or try just "pd -noadc" which doesn't open a
sound-input-device. there could be problems, when another program is also
using the soundcard, but then you actually would also receive a message like
"the card is already in use...". so that can´t be the problem. it could also
be that the card is not fast enough and therefore stucks. then you could set
"pd -audiobuf 200" or even more. but you also could try to use the
asio-driver by typing "pd -asio". good luck. marius.

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I am having problems getting audio (tones not midi) out.

* i can open all paches
* midi out works in test patch
* test tones do NOT work in test patch
* pd -help works (i've set my path variable)
* when I open pd the command line outputs:

"not using MIDI input (use 'pd -midiindev 1' to override)
audio I/O stuck... closing audio"

*the command line window stays open but the prompt does not return (accepts
no more command line input)
* I'm running win 2000 pro
*also I searched the list archive for "audio I/O stuck" and found nothing
are there better terms to use to search the archives?

Thanks in advance


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