[PD] installing PD (part2)

dima dima at narcosisnet.net
Wed Sep 4 19:54:41 CEST 2002

Hi and thanks for all the responses!
... which soundcard are you using? you could have a list of them by
typing "pd -listdev". maybe then try to select a certain soundcard with
"-soundindev 1 -soundoutdev 1". or try just "pd -noadc" which doesn't
open a sound-input-device
I got it to work with <pd –noadc> 
I also got one sound card to work with <pd –soundindev 4 –soundoutdev 3>
2 Questions:
1)    I have 2 sound cards (M Audio Audiophile 2496 and a Crystal
SoundFusion). The SoundFusion works fine with pd by itself. I bought the
Audiophile for its MIDI in/out and because it was suppose to have a
better ADC. The AudioPhile is causing the <audio I/O stuck
 closing>  I
also tried <pd –soundindev 1 –soundoutdev 1 –audiobuf 200> but I still
get the same error. Is there anything else I can do to get the
audiophile card to work by itself?
2) is it theoretically possible to run the audio in through one card and
out through a second?
My sound cards are M Audio Audiophile 2496 and a Crystal SoundFusion
(came with computer)
Below is the output for <pd –listdev>
MIDI input device #1: Midi In Delta-AP
MIDI input device #1: SoundFusion™ External MIDI
MIDI output device #1: Midi Out Delta-AP
MIDI output device #2: SoundFusion™ External MIDI
MIDI output device #3: Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth
Audio input device #1: PCM In ½ Delta-AP
Audio input device #2: S/PDIF in Delta-AP
Audio input device #3: Mon.Mixer Delta-AP
Audio input device #4: Crystal SoundFusion(tm)
Audio output device #1: WavOut ½ Delta-AP
Audio output device #2: WavOut S/PDIF Delta-AP
Audio output device #3: Crystal SoundFusion(tm)
Not using MIDI input (use ‘pd –midiindev 1’ to override)
Audio I/O stuck
 closing audio
Thanks again in advance
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