[PD] GEM on os X

Daniel Heckenberg daniel at bogusfront.org
Thu Sep 5 01:35:37 CEST 2002

Reliable sound from movies in GEM would also require that GEM derive its
timing from the audio in PD. Otherwise the audio and video from the movie
will not be synchronised.

This would require a bit of work.  Definitely a good idea in the end tho.


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> >hello
> >i'm trying GEM on a ibook 600,
> >it works fine,
> >
> >Is there any possibility go get the sound from a movie with GEM ?
> >
> >best
> >jb
> hello jb,
> ...well, yes there is a possibility of getting sound from a movie
> with GEM, but I think it'd require a rewrite of the pix_movie and
> pix_film, at least the darwin versions...right now, they only open up
> the video track of a particular movie and decompress that to an
> offscreen buffer for manipulation:  nothing is done with the sound
> track, or any other stuff for that matter...
> ...definitely something to add later, but don't expect it too soon!
> l8r,
> jamie
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