[PD] External Port From Linux to W2K (fwd)

Carr Wilkerson carrlane at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu Sep 5 04:36:30 CEST 2002

I have a home rolled external which I ported from Linux to W2K.  The 
external is a physical model of a Tibetan bowl which employs 8 
banded digital waveguides.

The port was done in Visual C++, and all the appropriate changes were made 
to the external's code and compiled.  pd for W2K v 0.35, appropriately 
recognizes the external.  My machine is a 800mhz P3 laptop.

On a Linux 500 Mhz desktop, on which the original external was developed 
and tested, the audio and (massive) control patches worked fine with 
minimal notice of processor overload.  

Problem:  On my windoze laptop, with the exact same patches, and the newly 
compiled bowl external, the processor is max'd out at 100%, causing 
significant control latency, lethargic graphics, and no sound output.

I was wondering if anyone has had similar problems.  I somehow think there 
is a problem, given the significant realtime buffer reading and writing, 
with the way W2K dll is dealing with the buffers (as apposed to the lean 
Linux way).  I would use Linux for this project if I weren't having to 
deal with a MIDI interface without a reliable Linux driver.




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