[PD] Re: [PD-dev] pd.tk [fonts]

Andre Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Thu Sep 5 19:56:21 CEST 2002

hi thomas, hi all,

1000x thnx, it works.

ok, so heres the first beta of PUFO (PureFont :). it has still only one size
(7pt [6x9pix]) and is only in windows FON format, so dunno how you use it on
linux/osX :(. but, for win32 just copy the pufo.fon to /windows/fonts
directory and replace your pd.tk (0.35-1) file with the attachment. ready to
use :)
pd.tk changes; changed the font size 8 to 7 (font bomb) and selection of
pufo font on size 7. but if you still need courier on 8pt let me know!
how to use/select pufo font? open/create a patch and change to font size 7

ps. yes, any comment IS welcome as its still a beta !

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> Hi Andre
> revision 1.01
> replace "-font [format -*-courier-----%d-* $font]" by "-font $fontname".
> ############ pdtk_text_new -- create a new text object #2###########
> proc pdtk_text_new {canvasname myname x y text font color} {
>      if {$font < 8} {set fontname [format -*-pufo-----%d-* $font]}
>      if {$font >= 8} {set fontname [format -*-courier-----%d-* $font]}
>      $canvasname create text $x $y \
>        -font $fontname \
>        -tags $myname -text $text -fill $color  -anchor nw
> #    pd [concat $myname size [$canvasname bbox $myname] \;]
> }
> but maybe, you don't see a difference with a smaller font then 8.
> good luck
> Thomas Musil
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