[PD] order of object evaluation -> featurewish

Andreas Sumerauer andreas at dausenkunz.de
Thu Sep 5 21:48:34 CEST 2002

Is there any way to change the order in which the objects are evaluated 
other than  
deleting the too early one and inserting it again?
For the kind of work that I am doing that would couse havoc in most of 
the cases.
Apart from that I find it very inconvinient, that the program does not 
give any imformation
on that important matter. (hope I did not overlook some important 
feature here)

Is there any remedy in the pipeline? if not, then here is my feature wish:

- make the objects index number (I mean the program already creates one)
  accessible via the properties menu. pd would then just calculate the 
objects according
  to their indices (with some internal decision method if two ore more 
objects come with the
  same index)
- If in edit mode an object is highlighted then TAB would jump to the 
next object in order
  of evaluation. Shift Tab would jump to the previous object. this would 
make debugging
  really easy.
- the sorting could of course be done automatically (with the aim to 
avoid any unwanted
  unit delays) but this would have to be calculated whenever the signal 
routing is changed.
  (=whenever a wire is introduced or deleted)
  I'd rather prefer to do it manually also because that would sometimes 
give me a unit
  delay for free + it saves pd from another additional overhead.

best regards

Andreas Sumerauer

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