[PD] nice Delay behaviour

Andreas Sumerauer andreas at dausenkunz.de
Fri Sep 6 05:57:26 CEST 2002

Today I did some tests with feedback delay lines and found  that they do 
in fact behave very nicely.
The handbook says that for audio feedback lines a send~  -> receive~ or 
a throw~ -> catch
construction can be used.
Seems like there is a third (and even a fourth) option:
a delwrite~ -> delread~ or a delwrite~ -> vd~ will do the job as well.
I was very pleased to find that the delay line even provides an inbuilt 
for the block size delay. The only difference to a regular non circular 
delay line is that the minimum
delay time is equal to the blocksize because the delread~ is executed 
before the delwrite~.
Question: I did not find any mention of this use of delay lines. Is it 
safe to use delay lines this way?
Or is there a chance that this feature will be removed in a future 
version of pd.?

best regards


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