[PD] PUFO 002b

Andre Schmidt andre at vju-tv.net
Fri Sep 6 13:54:54 CEST 2002

hi all,

heres the second beta of PUFO font, added another size 8x11pix. just copy it to /windows/fonts (if you have the previous version, you have to delete it first) and replace your pd.tk file with this www.vju-tv.net/pd.tk 

the PUFO font will be used when you select font size 7 or 11 (the rest is courier)

DEVS! ->
i wanted to still leave courier 8 & 10pt and tried this but then no font worked ?!

############ pdtk_text_new -- create a new text object #2###########
proc pdtk_text_new {canvasname myname x y text font color} {
#   if {$font < 12} {set fontname [format -*-pufo-----%d-* $font]}
#   if {$font >= 12} {set fontname [format -*-courier-bold--normal--%d-* $font]}
    if {$font = 7} {set fontname [format -*-pufo-----%d-* $font]}
    if {$font = 8} {set fontname [format -*-courier-bold--normal--%d-* $font]}
    if {$font = 10} {set fontname [format -*-courier-bold--normal--%d-* $font]}
    if {$font = 11} {set fontname [format -*-pufo-----%d-* $font]}
    if {$font >= 12} {set fontname [format -*-courier-bold--normal--%d-* $font]}
    $canvasname create text $x $y \
     -font $fontname \
     -tags $myname -text $text -fill $color  -anchor nw 
#    pd [concat $myname size [$canvasname bbox $myname] \;]

i made the font with Softy http://users.iclway.co.uk/l.emmett/ and it said that the font sizes of my font where 7pt(6x9) and 8pt(8x11). i also tested it with an texteditor and it gave me these sizes correct, with 7pt i get the 6x9pix font and 8pt gives 8x11pix font. but with pd i get the 8x11pix font first at 11pt, 8,9,10pt gives allways the 6x9pix font ?!?! nothing tragic, but it made me wonder...

ps. what do you think about the bolded numbers and operators(11pt)
pss. is there a need for this font over 12pt. because 12pt+ is courier good readable...
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