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Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Fri Sep 6 20:25:50 CEST 2002


i can't really see what motivates this answer since :

* it's not been said this happened on Linux
* on the contrary, i did a fast test, it works on Linux
* read the code, Linux solution is more logic to my eyes.



Olaf Matthes wrote:

>Hi August,
>in line 313 of shoutcast~.c (version 0.3c) starts code that is only
>under Linux. I understand the code used for Win but never realised why
>it should be different under Linux... You could try to use the code used
>for Win.
>BTW, which version of Lame are you using? I use 3.90 under Win / OS X
>and had problems with other versions. But I haven't tried mono on OS X
>august schrieb:
>>hey Olaf, list,
>>is there any trick to get a mono stream working with the shoutcast~
>>i seem to be getting some wierd effects with all mono streams.
>>stereo works like a charm.  downsampling is also not a problem.
>>mono, however, generates some distorted output.
>>thanks - august.
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>PD-list mailing list
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