[PD] feature requests

Mathieu Bouchard matju at sympatico.ca
Fri Sep 6 22:20:11 CEST 2002

should be able to write list literals inside constructors, like in
jMax. for example:

	@for {0 0} {240 320} {1 1}

should call the new-function for the @for with 3 arguments that are all
lists containing two integer atoms each.

VSlider and HSlider should be merged together, and allow for all four
directions (includes right-to-left, top-to-bottom).

VDial and HDial should be merged together, and allow for all four

Delete key should work when editing an object/comment/etc.

what about jMax's fork object ?

what about jMax's "value view" (on canvas) object ?

either jMax's nested patchers, or a more powerful concept: embedded
abstractions (like regular abstractions but need not live in a different

should be able to add atom types and define increfs/decrefs on them.

Mathieu Bouchard                       http://artengine.ca/matju

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