[PD] need help with -> event rate signal path

Frank Barknecht barknech at ph-cip.uni-koeln.de
Sat Sep 7 10:57:46 CEST 2002

Andreas Sumerauer hat gesagt: // Andreas Sumerauer wrote:

> I have a problem with my Cheesybass:
> http://www.soundbytes.de/patches/pd/CheesyPhyMoBass.pd
> When a new note is triggered it takes up to 5 retriggers (of the same 
> note) until the
> correct delay time has been "banged through" to the input of the vd~ 
> command.

I think, that your usage of "cold inlets" might be the cause. Cold
inlets are for example the right one in the add-objet [+ ]

If you add two numbers with this, only the left inlet outputs the
addition's result, the tight inlet just set the number to add, but
doesn't output anything. 

If you want another behaviour, you should put a trigger in fromt of
the add, to bang the left inlet as well as put the float into the
right one:

[trigger bang float] == [t b f]  

[f] [t b f]
 \ /  /
  [+ ]
Also see 03.connections.pd in the examples.

> I've tried to delete and reinsert the objects that cause the trouble but 
> that does not look
> like the way it should be done. 

No. You can force a certain direction with subpatches (called macros
by you), but often this isn't necessary. Also beware, that a [del]
objects always delays messages in blocksize boundaries, i.e.
at least 64*samplerate seconds

> I am also not yet quite sure what causes the trouble.  There are two
> pd macros in the signalpath. Is it possible that these cause the
> delay?


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