[PD] Py extern : WOW !!

joge . joge at goodship.net
Sat Sep 7 21:04:26 CEST 2002

i wanted to take a moment and say that i am highly amazed by the work
that can be done with the py extern by Thomas Grill.  i just went through
the example files in pd and the related python files and i cant believe
that the extern works so smoothly with pd.

first off you can dynamically create objects on the pd canvas !  i have not
seen this before in pd , maybe i just wasnt looking hard enough ?

secondly , you can create tcl/tk windows to do what ever you can do in
tcl/tk , but have it controlled through a pd patch you have made.

thirdly , it seems the py external can be used to create simple
externals , and there for circumventing the whole C external paradigm.
which to me seems easier for non-programmers to learn python then to learn C
[in the context of pd externals].

and last but not least ,, you can create threads !!  i havent thought of
something i would like to use them for . but i think thats because i never
really played with threads in the past .  but i am sure some more seasoned
programmers can think up thing .

that was a nice advertisement :]
but seriously .. thanks for all your work on this external Thomas!!

joge .

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