[PD] *cast~

august august at alien.mur.at
Sun Sep 8 09:52:21 CEST 2002

Yves, Olaf, ppl,

just wanted to step in and say I'm having still having some probs, found
some minor bugs in both *cast~ externals... got the mono working on one
machine but not the other.  but, in principle they both work great.  at
the moment i'm working in a temporary setting...ill try to send some bug
reports later this week.  personaly, i think it would be cool to somehow
bring the two together....but repetition also has its advantages.

if anyone is interested, we (norbert math and myself) are putting it to
good use at http://alien.mur.at/radiotopia    

direct link to the pd/flash app at http://

if anyone is interested in taking part...please contatct me
<august at alien.mur.at> or norbert <n at alien.mur.at>.  We have a pd machine
here sitting on top of a large collection of sound files that have been
uploaded to our database from various individuals.  for example, if you
have a patch you'd like to set to run over the files , we could download
it to our machine and play it from here.  Or if you'd like a half-hour or
hour sesion controling the machine from remote (via OSC)....etc. 

open for suggestions.

best - august.

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