[PD] trigger anything and bang

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Mon Sep 9 12:45:16 CEST 2002

hi again,

-- 'bang' is a special kind of a message, and in *certain cases*
it is converted to an empty list.  The empty list is, then,
converted by a trigger to the one-element list of '0'.

I really do not know, if these 'cases' follow any pattern...
If they do, then this is a feature ;)

Btw, the [print] object does the opposite -- it converts an empty
list to a bang (try 'x'->[route x]->[print])...


Maurizio Umberto Puxeddu wrote:
 > Sending a bang to a "trigger anything" object I get 0.
 > Is it a feature?

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