[PD] Pd + GEM

Rodrigo F. Cadiz rcadiz at northwestern.edu
Tue Sep 10 00:45:23 CEST 2002

Hi folks

Anyone could give me advice in the state of the art of Pd+GEM in both Linux 
and MacOSX?

I have the following situation: I have a Linux machine at home (where I work 
most of the time) and also a PowerBook laptop with OS9/OSX. I am working on a 
interactive music/dance project using realtime computer music and the DIEM 
wireless sensor systems.

I need to use the laptop in the real performances because its portable and 
requires less space than the desktop.

I have built a first prototype of my work in Max/MSP and it works fine. Now I 
want to incorporate video processing. I have the option of buying Nato and 
stick to that. But I don't want to do that for the following reasons:

1) I don't like MacOS9
2) I don't want to pay for Nato, and really don't like Nato.
3) I like open software. 
4) I love Pd, I think is better than Max/MSP.
5) I don't have full access to the laptop, so I need to develop on my linux 

But I need to have a reliable platform for my project. I have never use GEM 
and I don't know how good it works under OSX. I also don't know how good Pd 
runs under OSX. My idea is to be able to develop using my Linux box and then 
use the laptop as my realtime performance device.

I need at least to be able to receive MIDI input information from the sensors.

Any suggestions or experiences are more than welcome.

I have also considered jMax + DIPS. Any comments?

Thanks for your reply. You can write me to rcadiz at northwestern.edu

Rodrigo F. Cadiz
rcadiz at northwestern.edu
Music Technology Program
Northwestern University

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