[PD] scaling pix_draw in GEM ,and GEM performance question

Jim Ruxton cinetron at passport.ca
Tue Sep 10 10:05:54 CEST 2002


I am having trouble scaling images using pix_draw. I thought I could 
scale an image using scale or scaleXYZ before pix_draw but it seems like 
these objects   have no effect. I can scale an image by texture mapping 
onto a square and resizing it but I find it is slower than pix_draw in 
this case. When rendering movies I've found  that texture mapping is 
faster but the image is more distorted. I'm using GEM 0.87 under Linux. 
Is this a problem with pix_draw or is it supposed to work this way? I 
have a fast processor ( 1 GHz) a good video card (Nvidia 2Go) and I find 
movies are playing  quite slowly. I only have 128 MB ram. Just ordered 
another 256 MB hoping this will speed things up. Wondering what other 
people are using to get realtime playback with MPEGs in Linux?

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