[PD] PD-Irix progress

Søren Bovbjerg sb at cvmt.dk
Tue Sep 10 16:13:19 CEST 2002


I managed to compile PD35 as Irix n32. I added -lpthread to the link options
and the new objects seem to work. However:

1) The Gui is very jerky. Could the be because the tcl/tk (8.3.2) packake is
located on a remote directory?(does PD need this directory at runtime?)

2) None of my externals work - not even old compiled irix6 externals that
come with pd34. It cannot find the <external>_setup function....  I can
compile and run them with PD34/o32.

3) I had to change some of IOhannes' additions to s_main.c and s_sgi.c.
Though it compiles it will not run with sound with these new options for
soundcards and channels. I added some #ifdefs to s_main.c in
the -inchannels/outchannels parsers and the sys_open_audio call.
I also reverted a few things in the public routines in s_sgi.c and added an
empty sys_listdevs function.

However, my changes are rather dirty and unchecked, but maybe someone
(Miller) can use this info for something usefull.


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