[PD] trigger anything and bang

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Tue Sep 10 20:31:35 CEST 2002


in max, there is no [t a] in the Pd's sense.  It is not as badly
needed as in Pd, because one can use multiple connections and rely
on the right-to-left order of execution.

In Pd, the simplest meaning of 'bang' -> [t a] would be, I think,
to get an output of a 'bang', but

Miller Puckette wrote:
 > This seems wrong.  Also, I think "trigger list" should be putting
 > out a bang (empty list) instead of a "0".  But I should go find out

I cannot understand the rules of bang <-> empty list conversion in
Pd...  I will try hard still, but if there is any simple clue, I
would be grateful to know it...

 > what Max does for these...!

this was checked in max 4.0.7 (and is consistent with what is
written in the reference manual):  'bang' -> [t l] gives 'list 0'
in max -- which may be checked with [route list] sending via
the left outlet...


Btw, one can use constant args too:  'bang' -> [t llwybr] gives
'llwybr' in max, 'bang -> [t 99] gives '99', etc.

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