[PD] writesf~ and dropouts

d dieb13 at klingt.org
Wed Sep 11 12:24:48 CEST 2002

hi orm, hi list!

1)i had the same problem while recording.
i modified guenter's sfwrite and put it into the ext13 dir of the cvs as 
sfwrite13~. my version does buffered writes of 8k at once (you can 
adjust the buffersize) and i get better - while still not perfect - 
results that way.
i still think alsa instead of oss emulation would enhance pd's 
performance with hdsp.

2)the sp/dif (optical) inputs of my hdsp work with alsa(ardour) and 
oss-emu(pd). they appear at channel 17+18.i did not do anything special 
to make it work (my spdif-led on the multiface starts blinking green as 
soon as a source is connected)


> 1. does anybody have any experience with streaming audio input via
>    writesf~ to the harddisk?
>    On my laptop with RME hdsp interface and PCMCIA, audio input works
>    very well. But if I start recording with writesf~, after a while I
>    get dropouts. No big clicks or reported underruns, but rather
>    subtle skips of about 0.2-0.3 seconds in the signal. Increasing the
>    blocksize to insane amounts doesn't help the least.
> 2. Did anybody succeed to get input via the spdif inputs of the
>    Hammerfall? They supposedly are on alsa inputs 17 and 18, but
>    nothing gets in. Judging from my setup with my Mac, I somehow have
>    to tell the Multiface to take external sync, which lights up the
>    spdif lock led. With my linux setup that led isn't lit up which
>    might be the reason why I don't hear anything.
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> Orm
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