[PD] starting under linux

_-¯-_ jdl at xdv.org
Sun Sep 15 11:14:39 CEST 2002

 |> i'd like to start pd either with one single mouse-klick or just with a
 |> keyboard-shortcut. i find it annoying to open the konsole-window and then
 |> type some stuff...
 |The "trick" is to allways have a console-window open.

or 20 .. so its never far .. ;)

 |> i know i can adjust the .pdrc - file but i like to have
 |> different setups for different patches and therefore wrote different
 |> shell-scripts. but with clicking on the scripts, i cannot manage to see the
 |> konsole-window (only pd).
 |> is there a command to get this done? or - getting personally - how do you
 |> start pd?
 |You can use "xterm" with the "-e" option. Like this:
 |"xterm -e pd -alsa", which first starts an xterm console which again
 |runs pd with alsa.

yeah but the problem with -e might be that if pd quits/crashes/etc, the
xterm will disappear as well instantly and with it all maybe valuable
debugging information...

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