[PD] group objects in gem ?

t.grewenig t.grewenig at viva-elektronika.de
Sat Sep 14 20:42:39 CEST 2002

hi out there...
is it possible to group different objects in gem to give them the same modifiers like translation, rotation etc.?
if they use the same gemhead each inherits strange behaviors from the previous sibling.
i also dont understand the gemwin -view -helpfile are there other examples?
i would like to rotate the camera [view] around an target like in vrml.

and my last newbie question 
how do i catch an midioutsignal from pd
i use win98 & winXP with an creamware pulsar2 audiocard
midiin [to pd] works fine 

sorry for my bad english and thanx for help >> tobix

t.grewenig at viva-elektronika.de

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