[PD] starting under linux

Andrew W. Schmeder andy at e-molecule.com
Sun Sep 15 21:16:12 CEST 2002

<quote who="marius schebella">
> i'd like to start pd either with one single mouse-klick or just with a
> keyboard-shortcut. i find it annoying to open the konsole-window and then
> type some stuff...

I setup a gnome/sawfish keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-Esc) which opens a console
window.  It would be easy to set up a similar thing for launching PD, with or
without a console attached.

I also set up a number of other keyboard shortcuts for common
window-management type things, e.g. flipping workspaces, moving windows,
closing, maximizing, etc...  all of this well help to increase usability.


Andrew W. Schmeder
andy at e-molecule.com

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