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Olof Bendt olof.bendt at interactiveinstitute.se
Fri Sep 20 02:12:14 CEST 2002

I am trying to make a multichannel piece using pd under windows2000 and a Soundblaster Audigy Player card. I have installed the latest asio driver for the card and my other asio enabled software finds all the needed outports.

In my other software the outports show as follows:

1-2 wav out1
3-4 wav out2
5-6 wav out3
7-8 front L/R
9-10 rear L/R
11-12 Sub
13-14 Reverb

Accessing the front and rear speakers individually is no problem through dac~ 7-10. But for some reason the maximum channels available from pd is only 12. Trying to set this higher (using the -channels ... switch) results in an error stating that an invalid number of channels have been set. Therefore I can't access the reverb channel on the card wich in other software turns up as channel 13-14. 

Is there a reason why the reverb channels don't show up in pd. 
Can I work around this problem in any way. (reverb and other effects provided by the card would be really nice to have access to as a separate outport, as it works in for example cubase or reason)



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